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Nathan Harris
Nathan Harris

Buy Sell Trade Games

Do you have old, unplayed, or completed games and gear just laying around that you're looking to sell ortrade? It's easy to turn them into something useful! Whether that's video games, gear, or simply cash, wecan certainly help. Here are some frequency asked questions to get you started.

buy sell trade games

Well, if you've been to either of our stores, we mostly resell what we can't display eitherthrough our eBay or Amazon store. If you're interested in checking out what we have available on those, thelinks are below:

Hudson's Video Games is a niche video gaming store specializing in systems from every era. From Atari to Xbox One, we buy, sell, and trade consoles, games, and accessories for every gaming system ever to hit the market. You can view a sampling of some of the videogame-related items we buy and trade here.

Too good to be true? Stop by any of our six locations in Arizona and prepare to be amazed. Bookmans is a Buy, Sell, Trade store. You can bring in your old and gently used books, CDs, DVDs, instruments and housewares to receive Bookmans trade credit or cash for movies. Stop in and check it out! Come in and see all that Bookmans has to offer and chat with our rad staff who are always happy to talk about movies and TV.

I have about 100 dvds I would like to sell. Most of them have only been watched once. What would you pay for these? I know this is a long shot, but I have about 1000 books, in excellent condition, in glass front bookcases. I would like to sell the whole collection. ??

Hi Stacy, we do take some of the older issues but what we accept at our trade counters is different at each of our stores. Your best bet would be to contact them directly. You can find that info at

Hello Peggy! It is up to each store to decide what they will accept for trade, but if you call your local Bookmans they will be able to give you a better idea of whether or not they would be interested in those items. All store phone numbers can be found here and every store is open from 9 AM until 10 PM daily. Thanks!

Hello Jeremy! Generally, we do not accept DVDs without covers. However, it is up to each store to decide what they will accept for trade, so you can call your local Bookmans and speak with a buyer about your DVDs. All store phone numbers can be found here and every store is open from 9 AM until 10 PM daily. Thanks!

Hello Rich! In order to give you a quote, you would have to come into your local Bookmans store with the VHS movies. A buyer will evaluate them and let you know which, if any, they are interested in making you an offer on. Bear in mind that our offers are based on the condition of the items, our current stock (and backstock), and our ability to resell them. To find your local Bookmans store or call them to speak with a buyer about your collection, head here: Thanks!

Hello Bill! Unfortunately, only our in-store buyers can make you an offer on trade items. You can call your local Bookmans store to inquire about the bass or stop on in and let them have a look at it to give you a price. All store phone numbers and addresses can be found here: Thanks!

We Need Your Used Records and LPsStacks of vinyl taking up too much room? Sell us your used Records and LPs! Amoeba has the largest selection of Vinyl LPs in the world! Selling your LP collection is a breeze when you come to the largest purchaser of LP collections. Simply put, we buy your records! Looking to sell a large LP collection? Fill out our Collection Form!

In addition to the 12" LP format, Amoeba also buys and sells 45s and 78s. No collection too large! Have some old dusty acetates? No problem! We are the largest buyer of music collections, period. See how we price these items.

Are you looking for video game stores in Lancaster, York or Harrisburg PA? Searching for that perfect unique gift? Then you need to stop by one of our locations. You will be amazed by our large selection of vintage to modern video games and consoles. We also carry action figures, statues, collectibles, trading cards, vinyl records and more!

Trading Cards Games Looking for new releases of your favorite card games? Come see our huge selection of cards, accessories, gift sets and special boxes from: Pokemon Trading Card Game, Magic The Gathering, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Meta Zoo, Garbage Pail Kids, Weis Schwarz, Final Fantasy TCG, Fortnite and others. Day one releases available for the hottest TCGs but don't wait, they go fast!

We sell all forms of media, Movies (DVDs, blurays, 4K blurays), TV Series, video games (NES to now), and music (CDs and vinyl). We also buy and sell tech! Game systems and accessories, Apple products, Comics, Pokemon Cards, Tablets, Flatscreen TVs, Laptops, Cameras, and so much more!

You can sell or trade all of your pre-loved items at Media Reload! But if you decide to trade for store credit you can earn up to 30% more for your stuff! Your credit can be spent immediately, or put on an account where it will never expire until used by you!

"Got more for my trade than I would have anywhere else. With my trade I only ended up paying $20 cash for my Xbox One! Amazing, very highly recommend you erase Gamstop's phone number and put these guys in your book instead."

Want to sell an arcade game? We'll buy it! Want to sell an entire arcade game collection? We'll buy that too. We are always looking for working or non-working arcade machines as well as pinball machines.

Search the Steam store for games that include the Steam Trading Cards tag to find games that can give you Steam Cards. Some free-to-play games provide them, but only if you've spent money on in-game purchases.

This process is not reversible. When you unpack a booster pack, you receive trading cards, and the booster pack item disappears. If the value of the booster pack is likely to be higher than the cards, and you aren't interested in crafting the associated badge, consider selling the booster pack instead of unpacking it.

This process is not reversible. When you craft the badge, the cards disappear. You will be able to view the card art at any time by visiting your badge page, but you will no longer be able to sell the individual cards.

All players are not alike. One player's old game is another player's new treasure. For all the sellers looking to unload a bundle of games they have finished, there are buyers who may be bargain shopping for titles they've yet to dive into.

You can use GameStop's mobile app or website to see what your trade-in value would be. A PlayStation 4 Pro would net $175 in store credit and $140 in cash, while a copy of Marvel's Spider-Man would be worth $4 for credit or $3.20 in cash. (You can get 10% more in value if you belong to GameStop's PowerUp Rewards program ($5 monthly/$60 annually).

If you want to sell on eBay, the site will walk you through the process, even offering you advice on a starting bid. eBay is a solid site to sell on because it has its own buyer protection plan and most shoppers and sellers use PayPal, which also has a protection plan. Buyers who do not complete a purchase can have that unpaid item added to their record.

You can purchase through Facebook to use its purchase protection plan. If you plan to meet the seller in person, Facebook has some advice for in-person meetings, including protections to take due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Some other online sales sites buying games and consoles include Decluttr, Mercari, Craigslist and Canadian free classifieds site Kijiji, And if you are just shopping, GameFly sells used games in addition offering a subscription rental service.

Collectors, if you have a large collection of collectibles, toys, figures, Video Games, or comic books to buy and sell Syracuse New York, we can help. At Larger Than Life Toys and Comics we will give you Cash or Trade offers on Retro Game systems, Video games ( Nintendo, Playstation-, Xbox), Comics( Marvel & DC) , Collectible action figures like Disney, Marvel Select toys, Transformers, Horror figures as well as Funko pops . For those who love collecting Trading Cards also know that we have cards galore and are always looking to buy more Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh trading cards.

If you have ever considered to sell used books in Syracuse, Buy and Sell at Larger Than Life Toys and Comics gives the best Trade and Cash deals for Comic Books and Graphic Novels? We are always looking for Manga Collections as well. There are a ton of people looking for products that may be collecting dust in your closet. We give top value for your collectables the same day!

Looking for a place in Syracuse to buy and sell video game systems, consoles, toys or anything else you might be looking to cash out for? Larger than Life Toys has great cash offers as well as a huge selection of products to trade for. We also take in comic books from Marvel and DC comics.

If you have a large collection of collectibles, toys, figures, Video Games or comic books to buy and sell Syracuse New York then we can help. We'll offer Cash on the spot for your items or Trade offers. Bring your Collection to one of our locations and let us make you an offer!

When trading in gaming consoles or other electronics, we ask that you include all necessary components in order to use the product. Missing components will decrease the amount you are offered for the trade. We accept some electronics in need of repair. Acceptance/Trade value of electronics in need of repair will be determined upon inspection.

For all trade in product, you can expect between 1/4th and 1/2 of the value of the product on the date of the trade. The value of the product will be determined based on condition, cleanliness, quality and demand. The value of the product may fluctuate day to day based on the demand of the item. You will be offered both a cash and in-store credit value for your trade.

Located across from World Market on Barrett Pkwy, this store has just about everything a slightly nerdy but still social and definitely cool person could want. 2nd & Charles carries thriving collections of vinyl records, TV series and movies on DVD, comics, CDs both old and new, board games, and a huge selection of books. They also have instruments and seasonal/holiday gifts! 041b061a72




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