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Darangan Epic Full Story Tagalog Version

Darangan Epic Full Story Tagalog Version: A Masterpiece of Maranao Literature

If you are interested in Philippine literature, especially in the genre of epics, you may have heard of Darangan, an epic poem of the Maranao people of Mindanao. Darangan is considered one of the longest and most complex epics in the world, with 17 cycles and 72,000 lines of verse. It narrates the adventures and romances of heroic princes and princesses, as well as their encounters with supernatural beings and enemies. Darangan is a rich source of Maranao culture, history, and values, as well as a reflection of their pre-Islamic and Islamic influences. In this article, we will explore the Darangan epic full story tagalog version, which is a translation of the original Maranao text into Filipino language.

darangan epic full story tagalog version

What is Darangan?

Darangan is a Maranao term that means "to narrate in song". It is also the name of the epic poem that is composed of 17 cycles or books, each containing a different story. The stories are interconnected by common characters, themes, and events. The main characters are Prince Bantugan and Princess Gandingan, who are descendants of Rajah Indarapatra, a legendary hero of Maguindanao. The stories revolve around their love affairs, wars, quests, and encounters with various creatures and beings.

The origin of Darangan is unknown, but it is believed to have been written sometime in the 14th century by anonymous Maranao poets. It was transmitted orally from generation to generation by trained singers called onor or bayok. The singers would memorize the verses and recite them in public gatherings or special occasions. They would also improvise or embellish the verses according to their skills and audience preferences. A full performance of Darangan could last for several days or even weeks.

The first written version of Darangan was made by Dr. Mamitua Saber, a Maranao scholar and professor at Mindanao State University. He transcribed the oral verses into Maranao script and translated them into English. He published his work in 1969 as The Maranao Man in the Philippines: An Ethnography with Emphasis on His Narratives. Since then, other scholars and writers have also attempted to document and translate Darangan into various languages, including Filipino.

What are the main themes and values of Darangan?

Darangan reflects the Maranao worldview and values, as well as their historical and cultural experiences. Some of the main themes and values that can be found in Darangan are:

  • Heroism: The characters of Darangan are brave and noble warriors who fight for their honor, love, and homeland. They display courage, loyalty, generosity, wisdom, and justice. They also possess supernatural powers and weapons that help them overcome their enemies.

  • Romance: The characters of Darangan are passionate and faithful lovers who endure trials and sacrifices for their beloved ones. They express their love through poetry, music, dance, and gifts. They also respect their parents' wishes and follow their customs regarding courtship and marriage.

  • Religion: The characters of Darangan acknowledge the existence of one supreme God called Bathala or Allah, as well as other deities and spirits that inhabit the natural world. They observe rituals and prayers to seek their guidance and protection. They also believe in fate and destiny that shape their lives.

  • Culture: The characters of Darangan exhibit the Maranao culture and traditions that are influenced by their Malay, Hindu, Buddhist, Arab, Persian, Chinese, and Spanish ancestors. They wear colorful and elaborate costumes and accessories that signify their status and identity. They also practice arts and crafts such as weaving, carving, metalworking, painting, and architecture that showcase their creativity and skill.

What are some examples of stories from Darangan?

Darangan contains many stories that are fascinating and captivating to read or listen to. Here are some examples of stories from Darangan:

  • Bantugan: This is the first cycle of Darangan that tells the story of Prince Bantugan, the younger brother of King Madali of Bumbaran. Bantugan is a brave and handsome warrior who has many admirers among women. He falls in love with Princess Datimbang of Maguindanao, but he has to face many obstacles before he can marry her. He also has to defend his kingdom from the attacks of his enemies.

  • Gandingan: This is the second cycle of Darangan that tells the story of Princess Gandingan, the daughter of King Miskoyaw of Gonirong. Gandingan is a beautiful and graceful princess who loves to dance with her fan called apir. She catches the eye of Prince Bantugan who visits her kingdom as an envoy. They fall in love with each other but they have to overcome many challenges before they can be together.

  • Indarapatra: This is the third cycle of Darangan that tells the story of Rajah Indarapatra, a mythical hero of Maguindanao who lived before Islam came to Mindanao. Indarapatra is a powerful king who has four brothers: Sulayman, Sisipuranen, Kuritaenunen, and Pahoranunenunen. He sends his brothers to different lands to fight against monsters that terrorize the people. However, his brothers do not return from their missions. Indarapatra decides to go after them himself and encounters various adventures along the way.

  • Diyandi: This is the fourth cycle of Darangan that tells the story of Diyandi, a beautiful maiden who lives in Lake Lanao with her mother Sarimanok (a bird-woman) and her father Tarabusaw (a crocodile-man). Diyandi is kidnapped by a giant named Umar Maya who wants to marry her. She escapes from him with the help of a magic ring given by her mother. She meets Prince Bantugan who rescues her from Umar Maya's pursuit.

Bidasari: This is the fifth cycle of Darangan that tells the story of Bidasari,

How to appreciate Darangan?

Darangan is a masterpiece of Maranao literature that deserves to be appreciated and preserved by Filipinos and the world. It is not only a source of entertainment and inspiration, but also a treasure of knowledge and wisdom. It showcases the rich and diverse culture and history of the Maranao people, as well as their values and beliefs. It also reflects their resilience and adaptability to various changes and challenges in their environment and society.

To appreciate Darangan, one can do the following: