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The Homework Machine Trailer

Big Tex Trailers is one of the only trailer manufacturer in the country that uses a HD CNC Machine to accurately and precisely penetrate the I-beams on all of their gooseneck trailers to slide the floor supports through. This process not only strengthens the main frame but it also create a lower profile deck height.The 14GN has a 14K GVWR and has single wheel 7K Dexter EZ Lube Axles underneath. We equip all of our goosenecks with Big Tex's Mega Ramps which are deck width so, when they are folded up, you can load an additional 5' of length and, when you fold them down, they eliminate ramp adjustments to different pieces of equipment. Most trailer manufacturers charge you extra for the low profile gooseneck build due to additional labor but all BIG TEX Trailers come standard low profile! Big Tex also has multiple points of contact between the gooseneck and the main frame unlike some manufacturers which only have a single attaching point which can create sway if not evenly centered side to side on the trailer. Every gooseneck comes standard with a full length rub rail with stake pockets to help you secure your loads. Do your homework and you will see that Big Tex makes the most durable and reliable gooseneck trailer on the market. Call us today.

the homework machine trailer

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Car mode is also very boxy. The sleek curves of most Hot Rods are nowhere to be found here. Due to the combination with the trailer, there is an ugly open area at the doors, and an unsightly seam under the spoiler in the back. No paint on the wheels, either!

An excavator lies atop a Cadillac Escalade after it was dislodged from a semitruck-and-trailer rig on Highway 101 above the Willow Road offramp in Nipomo and went over the side, crushing the vehicle and killing the 60-year-old woman who was driving it late Wednesday afternoon.

A 60-year-old Nipomo woman was killed in a freak accident about 4:10 p.m. Wednesday when a piece of heavy equipment fell from a truck-and-trailer rig on Highway 101 onto her car stopped at an offramp, according to a California Highway Patrol report.

At the same time, David Edmundson, 62, of Arroyo Grande, was driving a 2014 Peterbilt semitruck towing a lowboy trailer loaded with an excavator northbound on the freeway when his right front tire blew out, the CHP said.

A Family was parked in their car on the side of the highway when their car was struck by a tractor trailer that was attempting to pass another vehicle. The family members sustained various soft tissue back and neck injuries and several broken bones in the collision.

Naomi Leon Outlaw is many things: a great sister, a kind granddaughter, and an excellent soap carver, but she is having a harder time just being Naomi. Her journey to find her own true voice and reconnect with her father takes her from a trailer park in Lemon Tree, California, to a radish-carving festival in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The spray foam insulation business is no different than any other startup, in that it requires proper equipment, training and knowledge of the industry. Before purchasing anything or attempting to secure clients, training is imperative for your safety and the safety of your customers. This involves doing your homework by thoroughly researching spray foam insulation, its application, its versatility, equipment needed, and how much of a financial investment everything is on your part.

One option is the 1.7-meter trailer-mounted belt filter press system from Bright Technologies. The press includes folding conveyor and operator walkways, and it can service multiple sites. Easily transportable and quick to set up, it needs no special lifting equipment. Options include a stainless steel frame, rollers and pans. Units can be customized to particular applications.

Another choice is Sludge Mate container filters from Flo Trend Systems. Filters are available in roll-off, trailer-mounted and tipping-stand-mounted styles and can dewater wastewater and water treatment plant sludge. Capacities range from 5 to 40 cubic yards.

The amount that you can withdraw from an automated teller machine (ATM) per day, per week, or per month will vary based on your bank and account status at that bank. For most account holders, for instance, Capital One imposes a $1,000 daily ATM withdrawal limit and Well Fargo just $300. You may be able to get around these limits by calling your bank to request permission or upgrading your banking status by depositing more funds.

In the opening of the 2 minutes, 36 seconds trailer, Bowser's army gets ready for battle in what easily turns into pure domination. Bowser -- voiced by Jack Black -- is on a quest to find the coveted super star. And, when he does, Bowser exclaims, "I finally found it. Now who's gonna stop me?!?"

It's crazy how the writer links to both the trailers, but if you take a few mins to actually watch them you can see how heavily edited the Diablo trailer was to make it match up.I'm not a fan of Wowhead just posting random things they find on reddit, but man is this a bad one.

Articles like this are fine but "Check out the side-by-side shots of both trailers in comparison - do you think that Nintendo has copied their homework from one of the greatest Blizzard cinematics in history? Let us know in the comments!" this is a massive leap No, fantasy is fantasy.

Starting his 19th year in the trailer industry and his tenth year at Talbert Manufacturing, Geisler started his career path in trailers in 2004 at Vanguard National Trailer Corporation, a dry van manufacturer. After moving to Illinois, he started working for ILoca Services, a trailer dealership in Aurora, IL. The company represented a wide array of trailer manufacturers, including Talbert. He left ILoca Services in 2013 to join Talbert as a regional sales manager before being promoted to his current role.

In November 2022, ACT learned about the 75th anniversary of the removable gooseneck. We reached out to Geisler about this momentous occasion, and to discuss this milestone and trailer technologies in general.

A non-ground bearing gooseneck trailer uses gooseneck hydraulics to lift the trailer bed so the trailer can disconnect from or connect to the neck. The main benefit of the design is that the gooseneck has no contact with the ground, improving safety. These trailers are more flexible and versatile than their ground-bearing counterparts with more ride height adjustment, a narrower neck and the ability to connect and disconnect on uneven surfaces.

Before the innovation of the non-ground bearing technology, jacks were known as one method operators used to raise and lower trailers. Operators carried house jacks with them and placed them on each side of the rear deck of the trailer. These jacks raised and lowered the deck for loading and unloading. This system made the entire operation more dangerous with less ability to predict where the tipping point might be reached and was made even more unsafe in soft ground conditions.

The Hydroneck creates additional customization options for balancing weight distribution when it comes to the removable gooseneck trailers with the addition of shims to help balance and distribute loads without relying on preset weight or height limits. This design can be featured on both the double drop series and the lowboy series.

There are over 80 manufacturers of gooseneck trailers in North America that serve an array of different needs and applications. I encourage buyers to do their homework because not all trailers are engineered and built to the same standards. Since the inception of the removable gooseneck trailer, Talbert Manufacturing has built over 25,000 models with thousands of custom units. Around 92 percent of Talbert trailers built since 1985 are still on the road today.

My advice for those needing a removable gooseneck trailer is simple: Reach out to the users in the surrounding area to better educate yourself on the best investment for your application. Do your best to anticipate equipment needs for your business for as long as you plan to operate the trailer. Heavier, wider, longer or taller loads require different trailer designs. Knowing what loads and where you plan to haul greatly impacts the design you need.

I thoroughly enjoy the fact that we take part in building America. We take the time to listen to customer needs as they evolve to provide a trailer design solution to deliver their product/equipment/goods from point A to B to Z. All the while, safety and dependability remain our biggest priority.

In reality, when sized properly to the load, the stake pocket(that is a downhill MIG welded fillet joint, found on 99% of the trailers on the market) will tear off the side of the trailer before the strength of these tie downs is compromised.

In this case, it might be beneficial to place two single pallets in a row somewhere close to the front because the drive axles are heavier than the trailer axles when empty. (Picture a layout of pallets that runs 2-1-1-2-1-1-2-1-2 until you reach the back door.)

This is where the art of loading comes into play, along with the science. You have to distribute the weight more or less evenly from front to back, but you can skew your figures a bit to load a little heavier in the middle and lighter at the front and rear. This helps distribute the weight a bit more evenly over the length of the trailer.

I found the best way to be sure is to get your truck weight full of fuel and later when to get a load after it is loaded got to closest scale and be sure of the right distribution, at the scale they allow you two time to scale and adjust your axles and also be familiar with the state regulations on the positioning of your trailer axle.It work for me.

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