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Aiden Jones
Aiden Jones

HighTop 1.3.4 \/\/TOP\\\\

A passenger lift is a convenient means for many people including those pushingbuggies, using wheelchairs and carrying luggage, to travel from one floor toanother in order to access all relevant facilities. Passenger lifts should be provided in all multi-storey buildings (some exceptions are provided in

HighTop 1.3.4

(d) where a section of the floor has a gradient in the direction of travel, steeper than 1:50 but less steep than 1:20 it is defined as gently sloping and a level rest area of at least 1800 mm long should be provided at each rise of 500 mm. Where this is not possible refer to internal ramps;

In addition to the provision of a passenger lift, at least one internal stairs suitable for ambulant disabled people should also be provided as an alternative means of vertical access. Refer to for details.

If a change in level is unavoidable within a storey a gentle slope should be provided (refer to (d)). Where this is not possible and the change in level is 300 mm or more, two or more clearly defined steps (in accordance with identifiable by means of visual contrast (refer to 1.6.4) should be provided in addition to a ramp. 041b061a72




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