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Aiden Jones
Aiden Jones Files Melancholia

Ever wished to own all these incredible vintage string machines, organs and vocoders from the 70s and 80s? Now you can: VPS Avenger "String Machines" is here! Manuel Schleis himself dedicated the last years in collecting and deep-sampling all these original beautis. All samples have been taken from the real vintage gear, no compromises! Avengers Macro section is simulating the most important things you can do with the original synthesizer: Blend in different strings or organ registers, turn on the (real sampled) ensemble or tremolo effects or change other settings like filters or sustain modes. You can control everything which made these classics unique. All together this huge expansion consists of over 50 machines and over 14.500 single wav files, all perfectly looped of course. A masterpiece of a kind and a true time capsule of an entire era! files melancholia

Múm's first album for Fat Cat by no coincidence, the label that also broke fellow Icelanders Sigur Rós has all the majestic synths, crackly drum-machine percussion, sampled silence, and crystalline vocals you'd expect from the country that produced Björk and Sigur Rós, though with less focus on digital sound than the former and less reliance on drama than the latter. Múm are very interested in the music of sound, but Finally We Are No One never sounds like a difficult record; if it's not the instruments sounding naïve or folksy (in good ways), the lisping, childlike vocals are bound to prompt adjectives like adorable and precious. "Green Grass of Tunnel" has the sweet melancholia, coloring-book hip-hop, and slowly shifting chords of poptronica producers like ISAN or Boards of Canada, and also trades on the wide-eyed fairy-tale qualities of Björk. Apart from the hefty title, "Don't Be Afraid, You Have Just Got Your Eyes Closed" approaches mainstream appeal briefly, and at several different times with a nice dance beat gradually replaced by a beatbox breakdown, toy xylophone, and a nice trumpet melody. Several individual passages of songs strike an evocative chord, like the string quartet, piano, warm synthesizers, and percussion rumblings of "K/Half Noise" combining to recall the quieter portions of Tortoise's landmark "Djed."

1. Saturday Night 5:12 2. Trash, Trampoline and the Party Girl 2:35 3. Angels Too Tied To The Ground 3:35 4. Wave Of Sorrow 4:06 5. Always 3:48 6. Summer Rain 4:07 7. Big Girls Are Best 3:37 8. Neon Lights 3:30 9. Fast Cars 4:07 FLAC, 509 Mo, cue & m3u files included.

I spent the vast majority of my teenage life indoors, by myself. During the summer, I would stay up all night, and at times all morning until the afternoon, consuming all of this emotional, strange news from another star. This was perhaps the most optimal circumstance for me to come across Cowboy Bebop, shared on some Spanish forum, fan-subbed in English (thank goodness for that!) in a quality that was unusually good for video files at the time.




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