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Evil Goku Battle For Other World: A Fan-Made Dragon Ball Z Story

Evil Goku Battle For Other World: A Fan-Made Dragon Ball Z Story

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular anime series of all time, with millions of fans around the world. The show follows the adventures of Goku and his friends as they protect the Earth and the universe from various threats, such as aliens, androids, and evil gods. But what if Goku turned evil and became the greatest threat of all?

Evil Goku Battle For Other Worldevil Goku Battle For Other World


That is the premise of Evil Goku Battle For Other World, a fan-made story that imagines a dark scenario where Goku is corrupted by an evil force and decides to conquer the afterlife. The story is written by a fan named EvilGokuFan and posted on It has over 100 chapters and more than 200,000 words.

The story begins with Goku dying in the Cell Games, but instead of going to heaven, he is sent to hell by King Yemma, who suspects that Goku has a hidden evil potential. There, Goku meets Raditz, his brother who tried to kill him in the beginning of the series. Raditz tells Goku that he can escape from hell and go to heaven if he defeats all the villains who are trapped there. However, this is a trap set by Raditz and his allies, who want to use Goku's power to break free from hell and invade heaven.

Goku falls for the trap and fights his way through hell, killing many enemies along the way. He becomes more ruthless and violent as he absorbs the negative energy of hell. He also learns new techniques from his foes, such as Frieza's death beam, Cell's regeneration, and Majin Buu's absorption. He eventually reaches the gate of heaven, where he faces King Yemma and his guards. He defeats them easily and enters heaven, where he plans to overthrow the Supreme Kai and become the ruler of the afterlife.

However, Goku's friends are not going to let him do that. They learn about his evil transformation from King Kai, who contacts them from heaven. They decide to go to heaven and stop him, using the Dragon Balls to revive themselves and travel to the afterlife. They also enlist the help of some allies from heaven, such as Pikkon, Olibu, and Grand Kai. They face many challenges and dangers in their journey, such as angels, gods, and other heavenly beings who oppose them.

The story culminates in an epic battle between Evil Goku and his friends in heaven. Evil Goku proves to be too powerful for them, even with their combined efforts. He reveals that he has achieved a new form beyond Super Saiyan 3: Super Saiyan Devil. He also reveals that he has a secret weapon: a device that can destroy the entire afterlife with a single button. He threatens to use it if they don't surrender to him.

Will Evil Goku succeed in his evil plan? Will his friends be able to stop him? Will they be able to save the afterlife and restore Goku's goodness? Find out in Evil Goku Battle For Other World, a thrilling fan-made story that will keep you on the edge of your seat! e0e6b7cb5c




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