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GraphicRiver Clean Corporate Business Card 2

There are tens of thousands of business card templates in our collection. That's a huge number! Finding the right one for you shouldn't feel like a daunting task. So to help you out, we've put together a list of features and benefits for you to keep in mind as you browse through our selection looking for the template that works best for you.

GraphicRiver Clean Corporate Business Card 2

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To create high-quality business cards that represent your brand effectively, business card templates like those found at Envato Elements and Adobe business card templates from GraphicRiver are indispensable. They ease the work of making business cards from scratch by providing you with beautiful layouts, typography, and graphics that you can customize to suit your needs.

All these standard business card-size Illustrator templates are easy to edit and ready to print. Best of all, you can download as many of these fantastic templates as you want for one low price.

Do you need a versatile and modern Adobe business card template? This one is for you. The business card design template comes in horizontal and vertical versions and six different backside designs. Get this easy-to-edit and print-ready Illustrator business card template (CMYK, 300 dpi).

Just as is the case with Envato Elements, GraphicRiver offers a wide array of top-quality business card templates for Illustrator. And just like the templates at Envato Elements, these are ready to print and easy to customize. Here are some AI business card samples from GraphicRiver:

This Adobe business card template stands out with its super sleek design. But it comes with a nice surprise: separated spot UV files. This means you can add a shiny coating to specific areas on the card to create an eye-catching contrast. This detail will give your business cards a genuinely luxurious touch!

This is a fabulous Adobe Illustrator business card template for creative, fashion, beauty of lifestyle brands. The ability to upload a photo to your card is a great way to show samples of your work to potential clients.

This minimal corporate business card template for Illustrator is ideal for businesses that want to present a clean and bold corporate image to clients. Add your text with your company name to make a statement.

Wondering how you can integrate a digital and modern touch into your physical business card? Add a QR code, like in this Adobe business card template. The recipient can scan the QR code with their smartphones and instantly check your information on their phones.

Of course, some businesses are so cash-strapped when starting out that they simply have no budget at all for business cards. If you find yourself in these shoes, here are over 15 of the best business card templates for Illustrator, free for download.

This business card template for Illustrator with free download captures the corporate image with its sharp angles and contrast. There are even places for you to add icons to enhance the appearance. Give this Adobe Illustrator business card a try!

This AI business card features an elegant monochrome design. Although the featured design is for an artist, this would work well for anyone in a creative profession. Remember that a business card template for Adobe Illustrator can be changed and adapted to any business you have. Give this AI business card template a try.

This stylish Adobe Illustrator business card design evokes memories of an earlier era. Consider this if you want your business card to have a classic yet modern feel. Try this Illustrator business card today!

This editable AI business card design might be just what your business needs for their next business cards. The free business card design for Illustrator would work well for a corporation or a personal card. The best thing about this Adobe Illustrator business card template is its modern and flexible design that will suit any type of project or business that you have.

With a cool modern green design, this Adobe business card template fits a variety of needs. Drop in your key details with the built-in placeholders. Space is reserved for photos, social media contacts, and more. Improve your corporate identity design with this sleek template.

This free business card for Adobe Illustrator has a slot for a corporate tagline, all your contact information, and even room for a QR code. Easily change the colors and text of this Adobe business card template.

When you work on a business card design in Illustrator, you keep plenty of creative control. One easy edit comes when you change the color of the font on your Adobe Illustrator business cards. This helps you add your own style. Plus, it helps you match your corporate identity design to your Adobe business card template.

Once you add text and font effects, you can adjust the alignment of text on your business card templates for Illustrator. This helps you control where text sits on the face and back of your business card template for AI.

A QR code can be very useful in a business card template for Illustrator, especially if you need to add a lot of information in a limited space. QR codes are the best way to include everything you need without cluttering the card.

Envato Elements Adobe business card template designs often have image placeholders built in. These make it a breeze for you to add image files to your business cards. By adding these images, you can quickly make your cards stand out, even in a stack of hundreds.

Think a dull, solid background is engaging in 2022? Think again. Modern business card template designs need to stand out. Help them do it by adding a sleek pattern background to your business card template for Illustrator.

The details that matter most to you, and to recipients of your cards. Consider your options here. Of course, your name and basic details will likely appear on any business card. But you may also want to share an image, social channels, fax number, and more.

Yes! This is a great opportunity to explore Placeit, a web-based service from Envato. Placeit helps design business card designs online, with no special software needed. Online designs let you work on many devices, even without Adobe Illustrator installed.

A graphic designer knows how to communicate visually. They know how to make the best use of the tiny canvas of a business card. These business card templates are made by experienced designers in Photoshop. They include the following professional features:

This professional business card template has a striking dark design. It can be used as a corporate business card and it comes with both front and back design. You can change colors, add your own logo, swap out fonts, and customize it to fit your brand.

If you want a simpler design with a sleek and polished look, this template is perfect. The modern creative business card design is sure to set you apart. You can easily customize this template thanks to well-organized layers.

Try this business card bundle if you want more than one design option. The templates feature a modern and professional design. You can choose between two different layouts and five color schemes. The template is easy to customize.

This unique card template has three color versions. Your business name is featured prominently. Your details will read with clarity, with icons situated next to each contact line. So, new connections you make can quickly get to your website, shoot you an email, or find you on Twitter.

This unique card template has three color versions of its eye-popping triangular mosaic design. Your business name is featured prominently, and your details will read with clarity, with icons situated next to each contact line. So, new connections you make can quickly get to your website, shoot you an email, or find you on Twitter.

Professional, aesthetic business cards need to fit the branding of your business. Display your logo prominently, and highlight your website and contact details. This way people you connect with can find you online, on social, or via email.

Icons and your logo are excellent ways to punch up your aesthetic business cards. Your design should make a visual statement that gives the innovative feel of your business to every prospect you hand your card to.

Sharing your creative unique business cards is all about building a relationship. If your brand or business is online, then adding a QR code to your business cards is a trend worth following. These codes can be used to instantly open a website, share a contact or coupon, and a lot more. QR codes are an easy way to continue the conversation with potential clients online.

There are two ways to make your own business card. You can design one from scratch. Or, you can use a business card template as a starting point. The first option can be time consuming. Not to mention, you need to know the correct dimensions and account for printing and bleed settings.

The second option already has all those elements accounted for. Therefore, using a premade template is not only faster, but it guarantees a professional design. Learn more about using templates to design your business card in our tutorial. Learn How to Make Your Own Business Card in Photoshop today.

There are many creative business card templates on Envato Elements. Browse through the thousands of designs. Then, grab a unique business card template design today. You can also buy creative business cards from GraphicRiver. 076b4e4f54

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