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Adjustment Program Epson Sx130 !FULL!

Epson SX130 ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM (EUL, EURO, CISMEA) Ver.1.0.0This adjustment program is developed for making printers adjustments.This adjustment program DOESN'T HAVE Waste Ink Counters Reset function. If You need Waste Ink Counters reset - please use the WIC Reset Utility - Download hereThe Epson Adjustment Program for New models Epson SX130 can be used under Windows only (Millenium, 2000, XP, Vista [in compatibility mode]).

adjustment program epson sx130

Epson SX130 printer adjustment program and every Epson SX130 printers. have an internal waste ink pad counter to collect the waste ink darning the process of cleaning and

It worked perfectly in my computer (Win8.1). If there is any spam alert don't make a problem. Allow this program on your computer. I used it and completely reseted my Epxon SX125 Printer. I want to say a really big Thank You!! PS. There is no epson SX125 type on the program to choose but don't give up. Just Choose EPSON STYLUS TX121 as a type and run the program. It works definetely I tried it. Thank you friend for your sharing.

What are the best things to do when your paper jams? After opening the output tray or feeder, gently pull any paper that is jam jammed out. You could try turning off the Epson Stylus NX400 and then back on to see if you can get the jammed paper out. A epson printer counter can be reset manually or via software by following these two steps: a) run the adjustment program or SSC service utility from the computer or B) press a combination of the button and switch to manual. To see INK OUT and PAPER OUT leds, press and hold the POWER button with the LOAD/EJECT buttons until you see blinking INK OUT and PAPER OUT leds. Release all of the buttons. By pressing and holding the PAUSE, LF, or FF buttons, you can change the printer settings.




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