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Nathan Harris
Nathan Harris

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Free Download [EXCLUSIVE] (v1.01)

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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Free Download (v1.01)

After spending some years as a legendary hitman, 47 decided to leave his life as a contract killer and retreated to a Sicilian church owned by Father Emilio Vittorio. Many rumors arose about his death while being extremely wealthy. However, he worked as a humble gardener at the church. Soon, Vittorio became a friend of 47, and 47 decided to confess his past to Vittorio. After his confession, a car arrived at the church, with two persons inside. One of the persons assaulted Vittorio and kidnaped him, before leaving a ransom of 500,000 dollars. Unable to pay that price, 47 contacted the ICA (International Contract Agency), much to their surprise, and agreed to perform an assassination mission for information about the whereabouts of Vittorio. He got information from the Agency that Vittorio was held hostage in the basement of the villa belonging to the leader of Sicilian mafia, Guessipi Gulliani. 47 infiltrated the Villa Borghese and killed Gulliani, but failed to find Vittorio in the basement room. The agency confirmed this by describing recent satellite footage showing the priest being dragged away by four bearded Russian looking men in uniform, where he was later lost at an airport.

After Makarov's assassination, 47 was contacted once more to eliminate another General, Mikhail Bardachenko at his secret underground bunker, as well as free his interrogated prisoner, who was later revealed to be Agent Smith. Following this 47 was sent to the German Embassy in St. Petersburg , where he had to kill Vladimir Zhupikov, last general from the meeting, who had defected to Germany. In addition, 47 was also ordered to retrieve a briefcase containing some a missile guidance system that the general was presumed to sell to the highest bidder in the west. Due to his defection, however, Russians were also enraged, and sent a Spetsnaz Agent to retrieve the briefcase. Nevertheless, 47 successfully completed his task. 041b061a72




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