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Nathan Harris
Nathan Harris

Slam Dunk Movie 1 Torrent ##HOT## Download

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Slam Dunk Movie 1 Torrent Download

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One day, a friendly girl named Haruko Akagi approached him and asked him if he likes basketball, Sakuragi immediately falls in love with her and decided to play basketball to please her. She showed him the way around the gym, Haruko informs him about the slam dunk, one of the most exiting and epic moves in basketball. After noticing that he can palm the ball, Haruko asked him to attempt to slam dunk the ball, which the latter does by hitting his head into the backboard. Even though he missed his shot, Haruko was impressed by his jump, and convinced him to join the basketball team. Sakuragi is overjoyed after he found a new love, but his happiness is short-lived when he found out that Haruko is in love with a guy named Kaede Rukawa, a talented basketball player back in junior high, which left him once again heartbroken.

On his way, he met two basketball players as he headbutted both, until he met Takenori Akagi, who punches the two players' heads and Sakuragi smashed him with the basketball in his face, insulting basketball, which enrages Akagi to challenge him in a 1-on-1 handicap match. Sakuragi is easily outmatched by Akagi who scored 9 baskets, until Haruko intervenes and urged Sakuragi to stop embarassing himself. Mistaking that she is cheering for him, Sakuragi managed to snatch the ball from Akagi, and tearfully regained his senses after Haruko really cheered for him. Sakuragi eventually won the match by a slam dunk, and reconciled with Haruko. Sakuragi began to humorously mock Akagi until he realized that he is in fact Haruko's older brother. After that, Sakuragi officially joins the basketball team in order to compete with Rukawa and earn Haruko's love.

Akagi is Haruko's older brother and the captain of the basketball team. Sakuragi's initial encounter with Takenori was terrible and awkward at first when he headbutted both players upon his arrival especially during the one-on-one basketball duel where Sakuragi embarassed him in shame and defeating him physically by shooting the ball in a slam dunk to knock him down until he realizes it was Haruko's older brother. Sakuragi does its best to apologize for his previous actions despite his faults as Takenori accepted his apology due to his sister's request. In every practice game or the entire basketball game whenever Sakuragi does his troublemaking antics to his teammates, other players from other schools especially coaches such as Moichi Taoka and showing his level of arrogance. Takenori is often seen punching directly on Sakuragi's head. 350c69d7ab




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