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Landon Jackson
Landon Jackson

Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars

The game's real-time strategy elements occur when the player must use armies to accomplish objectives. In Shadow Wars, the player can control armies belonging to one of three different factions: The Realm, consisting of human, elves and dwarves; The Clans, consisting of orcs, trolls and barbarians; and The Pact, consisting of dark elves, gargoyles and shadows. Alongside these, players may also encounter armies of undead and demons during the main campaign. Each faction has their style of structures and units, which are created from gathering resources: Stone, needed to build structures and upgrade certain buildings; Silver, needed to recruit military units; and Lenya, which is needed mainly to recruit advanced units. Recruiting armies not only requires building production structures, but also deploying special structures and making upgrades to the faction's headquarter, both of which defines how many military slots they have for controlling units - with more advanced units accompanying two or three slots each. Workers may be recruited to gather resources, build structures and repair buildings, though the player is limited in how many they may recruit, with the cost of recruiting more increasing at certain thresholds.

Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars

The single-player campaign takes place amongst a group of these islands that formed the southern half of the continent of Fiara, and is inhabited by three powerful factions: the Realm - consisting of humans, dwarves and elves; the Clans - consisting of orcs, trolls and barbarians; and the Pact, consisting of dark elves, gargoyles, and shadows. The story itself takes place several years after the events of SpellForce: The Order of Dawn, and focuses on the plight of the Soulcarrier - a member of the immortal people known as the Shaikan, who were created by the power-hungry alchemist Malacay through the blood of the dragon Ur, granting them immortality and the power to resurrect others into their group with their own blood, but at the risk of falling under Malacay's power whenever he desires it.

A civil war within the Pact comes to its conclusion when the dark elf sorcerer Sorvina kills the greatest warrior of the dark elves with an army of shadows. Nightsong, the warrior's daughter, flees her homeland in order to bring warning to the Realm of the approaching army, but is caught out by advance guards of dark elves while on the island of Iron Fields. While returning from a visit to a shrine, the Soulcarrier and their friends - members of the Shaikah that reside on the island - comes across her body after she dies in battle, and resurrect her with their blood in order. Made into a Shaikah herself, Nightsong warns the group of the impending danger, leading them to make a break for the Shaikan's fortress on the island, and to the great dragon Ur. Listening to her story, Ur advises the Soulcarrier to go with her to the Realm's capital on the island of Sevenskeep. Moments after they leave, Sorvina arrives with her army, and sets to work taking control of Iron Fields.

Upon arriving in Sevenskeep, the Soulcarrier finds its ruler unwilling to believe the danger, instead granting them a fiefdom for assisting the Realm with other problems. However, they soon change their mind when the Soulcarrier helps the dwarves and elves with their own problems in exchange for their assistance, and deal with a magician working for Sorvina that had inflicted Sevenskeep with a plague. With the Realm's aid, the Soulcarrier finds they must return home via a portal found within a massive fortress belonging to the Clan. During its siege, they witness the Pact kill Kor, an orc chieftain from the Clans who resented working with the shadows, leading the Soulcarrier to resurrect them for information before allowing them to return home. Eventually, the Realm arrive in Iron Fields and proceed to help in the fight against the Pact's army, but arrive too late to save the Shaikan from being killed by one of Sorvina's beasts, with Ur having been captured by the Pact.

The RTS aspects of Spellforce 2 mirror the Warcraft fantasy RTS games. This includes the ability to control several separate factions such as "the Realm" (humans/elves/dwarves), "the Pact" (dark elves/gargoyles/shadows) and "the Clans" (orcs/trolls/barbarians). Each faction has its own individual troop and building types.

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