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Landon Jackson
Landon Jackson

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The West Virginia University College of Creative Arts has announced that music professor John Hendricks III, has been named the new assistant dean for recruiting and retention. Hendricks also serves as WVU director of bands.

Marching Band Pep Tunes.pdf

He is currently the state chair for the National Band Association, co-adviser for the Omicron Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi national honorary band fraternity, and past-president of the Big East Band Directors Association. He has also held state positions for the College Band Directors National Association and the West Virginia Music Educators Association. He is an honorary member of Kappa Kappa Psi, the Golden Key National Honor Society and the WVU Mountain Honorary.

I [. . .] use the term drum jocks, or trumpet jocks humorously within my concert band when I continually have to ask them to tame themselves and blend more. They all love it and know exactly what I am talking about, it makes for a good laugh within the context of a closed classroom.

Similar to the dork pride theme, these users maintained identity against the alterity of jock culture. However, these users did not readily take on the dork moniker; instead, they questioned the harmfulness the term creates regardless of context. At times, this demonstrated an inclusiveness of many students with differing identities; at other times, it maintained a clear division between marching band participants and non-participants.

The use of athleticism, the military, and celebrities, shifted the notion of identity outward in an attempt to make marching band participation appear inclusive and to have extra-musical benefits for a broader population.

By employing these grammars of alterity, the social media users created a set of contradicting characteristics of marching band identity and participation. Marching band participation creates sensitive marching artists who are picked on by insensitive jocks, yet it also creates physically fit, tough individuals on par with athletes. It is exclusive and close-knit, yet it is inclusive and has relevancy to a general population. Social media users emphasized differing and contradictory benefits and shifted the lines of identity and alterity from inclusivity to exclusivity depending on which ones were more advantageous in gaining power, elevating their status, and furthering their argument of relevancy and legitimacy.




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