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Aiden Jones

Buy Streamlight Flashlights

Battery Products sells more than just the best batteries available on the market. We also offer top-quality safety products for police officers, EMTs, firefighters, and everyday users. Battery products is proud to be able to offer Streamlight flashlights, lanterns, and other personal lighting accessories. Read More

buy streamlight flashlights

There are times when you don't want to be left in the dark, usually when you're reaching for a flashlight. Battery Products carries C batteries from a range of manufacturers for long storage, economical replacement & long life. Get the best C batteries for flashlights from battery products.

With working with our servicemen and first responders, the Streamlight engineers have been able to design the brightest, most durable, water-resistant and rechargeable flashlights. Not only does Streamlight offer a variety of styles of lights, their flashlights have a warranty that gives the user the confidence that they can depend on their flash light for a lifetime of use.

Lighting the way and being spotted when fighting fires means life or death for firefighters. Streamlight has designed flashlights that are helmet mounted, turn coat clip capable, easily controlled with gloves and extremely bright for when they are navigating through thick smoke and dark areas.

One of the most popular firefighter flashlights is the Streamlight Survivor LED Flashlight with Alkaline Battery Pack which is able to focus on objects hundreds of feet away. Clip this LED flashlight on your turn coat and remain confident that you can keep the search going for hours. Its four lighting modes allow for different beam intensities and runtimes ranging from 4 hours to 20 days.

When working the night shift, it is imperative to be able to execute your duties, if you can not see, this is not possible. With duty flashlights from Streamlight you are able to light up the darkest of nights. These bright, long-lasting, durable police flashlights shine wherever you need and give you the confidence that helps you accomplish your mission.

With its wide range of flashlights, head torches, work lights and safety lights, Streamlight offers a suitable light for every task. From lightweight head torches for private use in and around the house to specialist, anti-static and explosion-proof lights with an ATEX rating. An exceptionally wide range for different situations and environments. It's this versatility and the years of rigorous testing that make Streamlight lights so popular in industry, with safety authorities and with individuals who have high standards for their lighting equipment.

With hundreds of flashlights on the market, we set out to find the ones that really stood up to the hype, so we put them through their paces with hands-on testing. Brightness is important, of course, but other considerations factor in as well, such as ease of operation, weight, battery type, and more.

The tactical flashlights were tested to see how far their light beam would illuminate, while the work-type flashlights were tested in realistic DIY situations, such as under the hood of a vehicle or under a sink. All functions, such as adjustable modes or strobe modes, on every flashlight were tested to ensure that they worked as promoted.

In addition to testing each of the functions on the flashlights, I recruited a helper, which allowed me to gauge the brightness and effectiveness of the beams. I had my helper walk away and then stop when the flashlight beam could no longer illuminate him clearly, and then measured the distances. The following flashlights vary in style, design, and cost, and while some are better suited to specific uses than others, all are top performers in their categories.

The best flashlights are available in a handful of styles. These include handheld models in various sizes, ranging from tiny penlights that can fit in a purse or a pocket or attach to a keychain to the large, hefty models frequently carried by security guards.

Headlamp flashlights are must-have tools for mechanics who want to illuminate the inner workings of an engine while keeping their hands free. They feature a headband with one or more LED lights on the front that turn on by pressing a button.

As with any flashlight, the Streamlight ProTac HL is a balance of competing interests. In this case, the ProTac HL excels at flooding an area with super bright white light. However, the light falls off more quickly than with some other, more focused, flashlights. The 16,000 candela measurement is good, but not as high as the Streamlight PolyStinger DS LED (24,000 candela) or the SL-20L (60,000 candela). These other flashlights can throw a useable beam of light for a longer distance.

The ProTac HL uses a tail switch like many of the high power LED flashlights produced today. Partially pressed, the switch acts as a momentary switch. Fully pressing the switch will click it constantly on. The light has a low power and a strobe mode in addition to the standard brightness setting. More information on these modes farther down in the article.

On some of the newer flashlights, Streamlight offers a feature called Ten-Tap. Ten-Tap allows the user to set up what modes the flashlight will have available during normal use. From the factory, the ProTac HL is set up to allow the user to cycle through high power, strobe and low power modes. These are selected by quickly double or tripple tapping the tailswitch.

Many police departments, security guards, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts rely on the USA-made quality of Streamlight brand flashlights. This winning combination makes LA Police Gear proud to be an authorized dealer.

Regardless of the intended use, I personally prefer USB-rechargeable flashlights over more traditional AA or AAA-powered options because I find them more convenient. But since I know some folks still prefer ones with interchangeable batteries, I'll include a mix in this roundup. If you have a preference, just make sure you double-check the listing before ordering. And I suppose if you want to be rechargeable but the unit you like is battery-powered, you could just pick up some rechargeable batteries and a charger (here's one on sale)!

Flashlights can get very expensive, so for a light powered by two AA batteries, we set a price limit of about $40. There is an enormous world of flashlights that cost more, but at this price, we knew we could find an entry-level version of an enthusiast light that offered some of the most important features standard on the higher-end lights. Unfortunately, our cutoff excluded many manufacturers that were favorites of the flashlight crowd (as well as among police officers, firefighters, and others in public safety), notably Elzetta, Fenix, Foursevens, and SureFire.

Instead of taking more meter readings in a sealed, lab-like, dark room, I spent night after night after night wandering around the dark New Hampshire woods (and more than once caught the reflection of animal eyes looking back at me). We tested in the weeks surrounding a new moon and in an area with very little light pollution. This unstructured testing gave us the most useful gauge of overall usability, beam spread, and beam distance, and it really helped us understand what each light had to offer from a practical standpoint. We also used the flashlights for more regular daily tasks, such as looking under the couch for Legos, checking the crawl space for signs of mice, and investigating strange nighttime noises in the backyard. Lastly, we used the lights during multiple power outages.

Speaking of drops, the Archer 2A V3 is rated for a 1-meter fall. Many flashlights we tested also came with an IPX rating indicating the standard for protection against water intrusion. The Archer 2A V3 has the highest rating of IPX8, meaning it can tolerate being completely submerged in water over 2 meters deep (which we put it through a number of times to no ill effect). The tested lights from Manker and Nitecore have the same water-intrusion rating as this ThruNite model.

With this setup, we found it very easy to regularly keep the Olight fully charged. All we had to do was set the light down right near the charging cord, and it would attach itself. Additionally, we were impressed with the overall feel and quality of the S2R Baton II. It typically costs around $70, which is still less than the price of most quality rechargeable flashlights.

Programmability is slowly making its way into LED flashlights, and the ProTac HL is the first light from Streamlight to feature user-selectable function sets. Between these three function sets and an output of 600 lumens, the ProTac HL is a great choice for both tactical and non-tactical use. The ProTac HL is also priced competitively, below $80 at most retailers.

Streamlight is an American-based company that has developed flashlights for 50 years since its start in 1973. It designs its lights for firefighters, outdoor enthusiasts, and tactical professionals based on lived experience. This knowledge extends to emergency services, hunting, and even sports. No light is ever made without research, learning, and qualified feedback.

Streamlight flashlights prep any professional in even the most hazardous occupations. It has developed product lines like the ProTac, TLR, and PolyTac series for tactical pros through extensive testing. Its wide variety of worklights is perfect for emergency services, industrial work, or any profession that needs safety-rated gear.

Handheld flashlights supply personal, portable lighting to navigate dark or dimly lit areas and shine light into unlit cabinets and enclosures. General purpose flashlights are a cost-effective light source for power outages and light-duty use. Industrial flashlights withstand heavy use in environments where they may be subject to dirt, grime, impacts, and drops. Tactical flashlights combine a heavy-duty, impact-and drop-resistant body with advanced features tailored for public safety, first response, and military personnel. Safety-rated flashlights illuminate areas where flammable, combustible, or ignitable materials are present. 041b061a72




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