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Buy Lunada Bay Tile Online !!INSTALL!!

Lunada Bay Tile pushes the boundaries of tile design and craftsmanship to offer homeowners, designers and architects unique and beautiful materials to transform the spaces in which you live, relax and work with a personal feeling of sanctuary and home.

buy lunada bay tile online

All pewter tiles are always in stock in Antique Pewter finish and are also available in Antique Nickel, Gun-Metal, Antique Brass, Antique Bronze, Antique Copper and French Country finishes. Slate tiles come tumbled, cleft and honed. The glass tiles are hand poured and come, depending on style, in natural, silk and iridescent finishes.

Los Angeles Tile Disclaimer: The ceramic tile shop, glass tile store, stone tile, granite tile, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and exterior design information provided on this website is for promotional purposes only.

Lunada Bay Tile is well-known for its concrete, ceramic, and glass offerings. In addition, the company offers exclusive collections such as Tommy Bahama, including Glass Blends, an exquisite grouping of handcrafted glass tiles inspired by the most exotic and untouched destinations of the world, as well as Kapa, a captivating collection of handcrafted concrete tiles inspired by actual Tommy Bahama textile patterns and fabrics, which coordinate with Glass Blends and other Lunada Bay Tile glass collections.

The new website means that customers can now benefit from a richer online experience that is easier to navigate to easily find the products they are looking for, whether by material, series, shape, or size. The site gives users multiple and interesting ways to experience products, from dramatic imagery to detailed data pages and a simple product locator. For each product, customers can view product pictures, specifications as well as download detailed spec sheets and installation and maintenance instructions.

In 2002, Carl Steadly started Lunada Bay Tile in a two-car garage in Los Angeles. When creating the initial glass tiles, Carl was first inspired by painting, textiles, sculptures, and nature. The company has now extended its reach to concrete and ceramic tiles and moved to Harbor City, California. This American tile company is well-known for its hand-crafted creations with Japanese cultural influences.

Lunada Bay Tile makes tiles for kitchen and bathroom floors and walls, and fireplaces. The tiles work well for backlashes, vanity walls, shelter islands, kitchen counters, and fireplace walls. Handcrafted glass, ceramic, and concrete tiles with an emphasis on simplicity, texture, and color are ready to transform any room in your house.

Looking to buy unique, high-quality, durable American-made tiles? Lunada Bay Tiles is an excellent option! Browse our online collection, narrow your search with our look-up tool and get e list of local tile stores that offer the tile you like. Contact your local tile store to check the availability and buy Lunada Bay Tile products.

Road porcelain tiles have a concrete matte finish and textile-like design, created through ink jet technology. It comes in three neutral colors (Grey, Ivory and Taupe) and is available in 12x24-inch and 18x36-inch formats

Porcelain floor and ceramic wall tiles in the Glamour collection are inspired by a "timeless Hollywood" motif and come in three colors (white, mirror, and gold) and patterns including waves, geometric shapes, and straight-lines.

Royal Thin Brick, an unglazed thin brick veneer, is kiln fired and tumbled for a distressed, worn appearance. The brick is made from recycled clay and shale, and can be installed like other ceramic tiles. Colors include light gray, red, and dark brown.

The 4D line of wall tiles offers plenty of ways to mix-and-match. Colors include white and deep blue, along with wood, marble, stone, and concrete tones. Textures and patterns include diamond, chevron, hexagon, drop, diagonal, line, and nature.

Gently uneven surfaces draw the eye and create the sense that each tile was intentionally crafted by a skilled artisan. (Gouache by Portobello America, Inc.) Image courtesy Portobello America, Inc.

Our glass tiles were paper faced mounted with a water soluble glue. Paper faced tiles allow for the fullest coverage of bonding materials and because they can be translucent, a mesh backing could be visible through the tile.

Lunada Bay sent over some clear glass bars with a pearl glaze which we used at both ends of the backsplash, simply to give it a finished look. I painted the backside of the tile bars with my favorite Martha Stewart Glass Paint to make them match the rest of the mosaic tile.

A straight board can be temporarily screwed in the wall area behind the stove to help support the tile sheets above. Work in small sections at at time, only applying enough mortar for one sheet of tile and then move on. Be sure to check that your sheets are lining up correctly.

CUTTING TILE: When it is time to cut tile for areas around outlets or at the ends of the backsplash, then use a wet saw with a diamond blade. You can also use special glass cutters or nippers as they are called. Those are available at most big box home improvement stores. A wet saw will give you the most straight cuts. Follow all the instructions and safety recommendations set forth by the tool manufacturers. Your tile should also come with a specific set of recommendations from the tile manufacturer about best practices for cutting the tile.

GROUTING THE BACKSPLASH: Grouting can be applied after the mortar is set which is typically after 24-48 hours. Choosing the color of the grout is important. Grout color can drastically change the overall appearance of the tile and backsplash. I chose pure white grout. Some glass tile manufacturers will allow sanded grout, others will not. Again, check what your manufacturer recommends for your specific tile.

Wait about 10 minutes and lightly shape joints and remove surface residue with a damp sponge. Have a large 5 gallon bucket of fresh water to rinse out your sponge. I like to make one stroke over the tile in a diagonal direction, then I flip over my sponge and wipe in that same direction again. Rinse out your sponge before wiping a new area.

Love this shimmer look tile. Could you share who carries Lunada Bay in VB please. Is it Mosaic? We have worked with them before and they were great.You kitchen looks a dream after all the headaches (we also had a water main break).

Your renovation is beautiful. I have been trying to find this tile backsplash myself as we are building a small beach house. It is the perfect tile and color. Do you know if there is anywhere in the Florida area that sells this tile? Or anyway that I can get it?

Thank you Brenda! They are Sedona Elements and we used 3 different sizes for our cabinets. I once found them online but we purchased them through our custom cabinet builder. If you google the name you might be able to find them. Thanks for the sweet comment! Have a beautiful week! KIM

Heritage, is the cornerstone of our four generation family-owned company dating back to 1897. The original factory located in Onda (Castellón, Spain) is where our artisan tile-making began. In order to help preserve our heritage we have held ownership of the original building, El Siglo. The original signage decorates the exterior as a reminder of our beginnings. For us, it also serves as a proud symbol of the dedication our ancestors possessed crafting artisan tile with simple tools and equipment.

In 2009, Brian Streadbeck, with more than 35 years of experience in the tile industry, started Aquabella as a division of Main Street Art. Now, Aquabella has an expansive portfolio of products from which to choose. With factories in Italy, Spain, China, Taiwan, and Korea, along with domestic warehousing, we strive to be the premier source of quality mosaics for interior and exterior applications.

In 1977, Ernesto and Georgia Hauner founded Interstyle as a ceramic tile distributor and manufacturer of decorative tiles. Six years later, in the spring of 1983, we pioneered the production of modern fused glass tiles. Today, we continue to lead in the development of original, high quality glass tiles and innovative ceramic tile and trim.

Today our product categories include multiple types of pebble tiles, glass tiles, mosaic tiles, random tiles and wall claddings along with a selection of signature stone and designer materials, all which adhere to the look and feel of our original vision. From your residential kitchen, bathroom, living spaces or exterior designs to large scale commercial projects, we are excited to share our Island Stone Tile décor solutions to help you turn the ordinary into extraordinary!

Handmade ceramic tiles are exactly that, hand made. Because these tiles are handmade each individual tile is slightly unique in color, shape and form. Because of this uniqueness, you get tile designs that are so beautiful and natural. The traditional way is also considered to be handmade ceramic tiles. At Quemere we have the largest selection of colors in the industry. We hand paint each tile so that we can control quality of our product line.

Senio Ceramics is proudly one of the leaders of the market for the production of ceramic tiles and specialty pieces that satisfy any demands for personality in color, texture and design. We have an impressive product range of items offering colors, specialty pieces and coordinated decorations in stock in Brea, Ca. Senio is specialized in hand crafted ceramics and also produces porcelain tiles and mosaics for wall and floor applications.SICIS

Tileshop offers an outstanding selection of ceramic tiles from Italy, Spain, Sri Lanka, Portugal, China and Japan including ceramic wall tile, porcelain floor and wall tile, decoratives and glass and stone mosaics. We are a full service store offering design ideas and assistance, showrooms and large in-stock inventory. Tileshop has been serving customers for more than forty years. Tileshop has three California showrooms, two in the San Franciso Bay Area (Berkeley and San Jose) and one in the LA Area (Van Nuys). 041b061a72




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