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Minecraft Story Mode Season Two The Telltale Se...

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two is just a few days away, but developer Telltale Games is giving players an early look at the game. Season Two is divided into five episodes and continues the story of Jesse and his friends from the first season, Minecraft: Story Mode, in an episodic adventure game.

Minecraft Story Mode Season Two The Telltale Se...

Season Two sees you hopping back into the rather square shoes of Story Mode protagonist Jesse once more, now a seasoned adventurer and two-times world-saver. As you can probably guess, a new enemy threat has emerged, and it falls to Jesse, alongside his/her best friend Petra, to save the day once more, this time from a mysterious being known as 'the Admin' - the guy who claims to be responsible for building the world as they know it. What follows is an adventure that revolves almost entirely around dialogue and decisions, as you chat with the other residents of the cuboid world, help them out with their tasks, and make lots of important choices, each of which may alter how the story pans out, from something as subtle as reassuring a friend, to having to make a snap decision about which party member to help in a critical battle. 041b061a72

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