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Landon Jackson
Landon Jackson

Font Creator 6.2 Serial.rar

This is a maintenance release; most importantly fixingcorrect handling of Type 1 fonts with flex features,which was broken in version 2.9. An overview of theremaining changes isgiven here.All users should upgrade.

Font Creator 6.2 serial.rar

FreeType 2.7.1 has been released. The most importantnews is preliminary support of Adobe's new CFF2 fontformat and variation fonts as specified in the newOpenType specification version 1.8. It also fixesthe handling of raw CID fonts (which might be found in PDFfiles)

  • This release is almost identical to the previous version,with two differences.It compiles again on Mac OS X, and

  • it reverts the activation of subpixel hinting bydefault; it will be enabled by default in theforthcoming 2.7.x series. Main reason for revertingthis feature is the principle of least surprise: asudden change in appearance of all fonts (even if therendering improves for almost all recent fonts) shouldnot be expected in a new micro version of aseries.

FreeType 2.6.42016-07-05FreeType 2.6.4 has been released. The most importantchange is a new bytecode hinting mode for TrueType fontsthat finally activates subpixel hinting (a.k.a. ClearTypehinting) by default.

FreeType 2.6.1 has been released. This is a minorrelease that corrects problems with CFF metrics, and thatprovides better handling of malformed fonts. Two notablynew features are auto-hinting support for the Lao scriptand a simple interface for accessing named instances in GXTrueType variation fonts.

FreeType 2.6 has been released. This is a new majorrelease that provides a better (and simpler) thread-safetymodel. Among other new features we now have auto-hintingsupport for Arabic and Thai, together with much improvedhandling of Apple's GX TrueType variation font format.

Its main new feature is much enhanced support ofauto-hinting SFNT fonts (i.e., TrueType and CFF fonts) dueto the use ofthe HarfBuzz library. Amore detailed description of this and other changes can befound here.

These libraries work on top of font rendering librarieslike FreeType to provide sophisticated text (string)layout, being able to handle OpenType features inparticular. All of themuse Unicode for fontand text encoding.

The most significant change with GLUT 3.5 is unifying the X Window System and Win32 versions of GLUT into a single source code distribution. Henk Kok contributed several cool new demos (rollercoaster, chess, opengl_logo). All the demos build cleanly under Win32. Lots of bug fixes. Interesting new OpenGL rendering techniques are demonstrated in a number of new examples: movelight, dinoshade, halomagic, rendereps, movelight, shadowfun, torus_test, underwater, texfont, reflectdino. Also, Tom Davis contributed a user interface library called microUI (MUI) that is layered on top of GLUT.




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