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Nathan Harris
Nathan Harris

Buy V247 Phone Card Online

Some users tend to mistakenly press the SEND/TALK key to make an international call when they use their pinless or calling card service. With our V247 wireless , there are no worreis about these mistakes because the international direct dial rate is built right into the phone.

buy v247 phone card online

I wanted to give praise to a new account rep that helped me today.Her name is Evelin and she took the tome to walk me trough the online sign up on the power to choose website. She told me it was cheaper to do the online rather than for her to do the sign up.She explained everything to my satisfaction and she even took the time to check on her end that the application was submitted and everything is set to go.I had just gotten off the phone trying to understand what my current provider was telling me. I asked for another agent because I could not understand their English. The second one was no better, so imagine how delighted I was to have Evelin answer the phone speaking in a wonderful, cheery voice that I could understand.thank you

Ive been set up with Auto billing since I signed up with this company over a year ago. I took a risk with a company Ive not heard of before based on info from Texas Electricity. Today, 12/23/19, I received a voice automated call saying my bill was over due and if not paid ASAP they would turn off my power. Im super upset since I never took my account off auto-billing so there is zero reason this should have happened. I was even able to see that they processed my previous months bill just fine. Ive not made any changes to my account, I would have zero reason to make a change. Regardless, this company was going to turn my power off and disconnect etc with lots of extra fees involved without ever sending out any emails that the bill was over due, or that a change had been made to the account taking it off auto billing or anything. I called and was told it was changed on 11/19/19. No one with authorization to my account made this change. No email was sent confirming changes were made to the account either. So either my account was hacked, V247 was hacked, or V247 had an internal problem that took my account off of auto bill. Then to add insult to injury, Helen in customer service wanted to charge my card for two months when only one month was in question. I could give a confirmation number and everything and yet she was going to charge for months already paid. In addition, when she tried to set my account up again for auto bill it wouldnt take. She was able to charge for the missing payment with no issues. But to set up auto billing again there was now a problem, one that caused her to have to delete the card on file and asked me to re-read all my card info to her again. I was even worried this was a way for this person to get my credit card info for non-valid reasons. It was more then worrisome. I wish I could say that V247 was a safe company, or that they did as good of a job as TXU, but I cant. I know its only been one issue in more than a year. But that one issue could have turned off my power at CHRISTMAS! Plus it would be a way to charge me extra late fees and disconnect fees on top of everything else. Now, I still have to wait for Helen/V247 to call me back with what happened to my account. I just know with 100% certainty that I had no reason to make changes to this account and again, I really have to wonder why Helen wanted to charge two months bills when only one was in question. I dont know whats going on with V247 and their billing department, but I can tell you that they do NOT have enough safety precautions in place for peoples accounts. Things such as sending emails when changes have been made to the account, or how about sending me an email that the account was late before sending me a phone call about disconnecting my account. Based on the due date of 12/15/19-V247 had many days to send me an email. I received nothing, why?Also, if Im a paperless billing, why does V247 not send emails with the amounts of my bills? If Im not paperless billing, where are my paper bills? It cant be whatever V247 wants, they have to notify customers one way or the other and it doesnt seem thats the case. My suggestion is to NOT trust this company. They just dont have all the wrinkles of a good business that wants to keep their customers safe completely figured out. And after being with them more then a year, I would think they should. I will probably change back to TXU even if I have to pay a little more. At least mistakes like the above NEVER happened, EVER in more then a decade of using TXU. And to have a mistake like this happen at Christmas time too. Can you imagine having all your family over for Xmas and your power gets turned off? Or how about your kids going cold all because V247 didnt have enough security measures put in place. Helen/V247 said that the disconnect date wouldnt have been until January but that doesnt mean I believe that, nor does it mean that it gives me any comfort. 041b061a72




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