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Nathan Harris
Nathan Harris

Episode 3.15 Torrent

Illustration of platform-specific errors. The panels show Artemis BAM views with reads (horizontal bars) mapping to defined regions of chromosome 11 of P. falciparum from PacBio (P; top), Ion Torrent (I; middle) and MiSeq (M; bottom). Red vertical dashes are 1 base differences to the reference and white points are indels. A) Illustration of errors in Illumina data after a long homopolymer tract. Ion torrent data has a drop of coverage and multiple indels are visible in PacBio data. B) Example of errors associated with short homopolymer tracts. Multiple insertions are visible in the PacBio Data, deletions are observed in the PGM data and the MiSeq sequences read generally correct through the homopolymer tract. C) Example of strand specific deletions (red circles) observed in Ion Torrent data.

Episode 3.15 Torrent

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Overall the rate of SNP calling was slightly higher for the Ion Torrent data than for Illumina data (chi square p value 3.15E-08), with approximately 82% of SNPs being correctly called for the PGM and 68-76% of the SNPs being detected from the Illumina data (Figure 5A). Conversely, the rate of false SNP calls was higher with Ion Torrent data than for Illumina data (Figure 5B). SNP calling from PacBio data proved more problematic, as existing tools are optimized for short-read data and not for high error-rate long-read data. We were reliant on SNPs called by the SMRT portal pipeline for this analysis. Our results showed that SNP detection from PacBio data was not as accurate as that from the other platforms, with overall only 71% of SNPs being detected and 2876 SNPs being falsely called (Additional file 5: Table S6).

The Second Battle of Felucia was featured in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series and first appeared in the episode "Padawan Lost," which aired on April 1, 2011 as the finale for the series' third season.[6] The episode's opening Newsreel stated that the battle was "unending," implying that it was a continuation[3] of the First Battle of Felucia, which was featured in the earlier second season episode "Holocron Heist."[7] Felucia's entry in the Encyclopedia later confirmed that the two engagements were separate. The entry also verified that the battle from "Padawan Lost" occurred after the First Battle of Felucia,[13] with that chronology being repeated in the publication Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Updated and Expanded. The new edition of The Ultimate Visual Guide also placed the battle within the overall timeline of the series, as established by Holocron continuity database manager Leland Chee.[1]

Being a lucrative source of content, torrents also prove to be a popular way of distributing malicious code, and there are many studies on how cybercriminals exploit that opportunity. According to the results of one such study published in 2015, bootlegged content represents 35% of files shared via BitTorrent, with more than 99% of the analyzed counterfeit files linked to either malware or scam websites. The recent findings by Kaspersky Lab and independent researchers have confirmed the continuation of this trend.

Such popularity has not escaped the eye of cybercriminals, either. To find out exactly how they capitalize on the rise in illegal downloads of TV content, we have researched the landscape of malware threats disguised as new episodes of popular TV shows distributed through torrent websites. Our goal was to see which TV series were the most popular with the malware pushers and to take a closer look at what kind of threats are distributed that way.

For comparison, we looked at a similar rankings in 2017 when all three TV shows were releasing episodes live. As seen from the graph below, the difference between Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead was more pronounced, with the number of users attacked by Game of Thrones malware exceeding The Walking Dead and The Arrow figures by 33% and 50%, respectively.

We also took a closer look at sample episodes from the two latest seasons (six and seven) of Games of Thrones and the original first season. The results revealed that the number of infected files spotted by our protection technologies differed significantly from episode to episode. The common theme we were able to spot was that the first and last episodes were used as a disguise for malware each season. Also, the titles of the opening and closing episodes of each season were used the most actively to hide malware compared to other episodes.

As the world tightens up policies regarding pirated content and treats intellectual property more like physical property, malware distributors seem to be leaving file hosting and torrent websites. But, as we said earlier, this might be due to increased popularity of streaming websites that do not require files to be downloaded, yet might be a source of different threats.

The best way to avoid falling victim of any hostile tactics and make sure you are not hit by a Trojan, which will to zombify your PC, but are going to safely enjoy yet another episode of your favorite TV series, is to use only legitimate sources of content. But even if you do follow that rule, stay alerted as it is quite possible to encounter malicious activity accidentally.

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