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Rick Gopala
Rick Gopala

Dragon Squad Download Di Film Mp4 \/\/FREE\\\\

Combining stop motion animation and live action through the added medium of green-screening (intuitively possible within Zu3D) is one of our favourite things. In this fun film a dragon (animated paper on green screen) comes to the school and they were hungry!... Based on the poem by Nick Toczek

Dragon Squad download di film mp4


The design of the Chinese dragons, the design of the underground vaulted scene, and of course Skyfall itself were all based on locations from the film. Although we had a block out of almost all the sequence we more or less start again after the filming has taken place and you start to block out a rough structure. Even at this point the music was not edited so we knew that whatever we did we need to be pretty flexible as we will have to look again at timings when the song is finalised. From all our technical tests we probably know at this point how we will do about half of the sequence and the methodology for the other half evolves over the course of the job.

The Chinese dragons were based on the the Dragon shaped entrance to the casino that appears in the film. We used a scan of the entrance as a guide for modelling but modified it to match the feel of the title sequence.




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