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Traktor Pro 2 2.6.8 Crack

If people want Video, maybe Native should make a dedicated software, please dont mess up traktor with videoshit and other crap, im a dj, not a VJThey gone from simple and working to complex and buggy, no wy in hell im gonna update.

Traktor Pro 2 2.6.8 Crack

Hi i have with this update critical issues yesterday, first, browser scrolling acts really strange its very quickly and scrolls even you dont turn the knob. Second. My b deck stopped at gig reacting, its start with some timecode speed issus when it started to change little bit pitch and after loading new track, no internal play button working, no relative or absolute mode trough cdj 900 timecode and the waveform was scratching without any interaction of me. I ve tested several tracks, plug out X1 MK2, turn off CDJ. Thanks god it started i dont know how working but the worst issue i found in traktor!!! very bad!!! Official version of Traktor scratch PRO, last drivers for all controllers, last firmware for soundcard Audio 10,OSX 10.8.5. I made NI system log so i will send it to NI. But i will never more use TSP update at gig before testing its second time when update ruined my set!!!!

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